DC Motors

" MOTCO " make DC Motors are available with different Performance Characteristics and are classified as below

Shunt wound Motors are the most widely used as they have a linear characteristic of Voltage & Torque.
* Shunt motor has more constant and controllable speed over various loads.

Series Wound Motors are used for High starting Torque Applications.
* Series motor has greater torque capabilities

Compound Wound Motors are used for Mixed Load Applications.
* The above two desirable characteristics can be found in the same motor by placing both a Series field and Shunt field winding on the same pole. Thus we have, the Compound motor.
* The Compound motor responds better to heavy load changes than a Shunt motor because of the increased current through the series field coils. This boosts the field strength, providing added torque and speed.

DC Micro Motors
(Battery operated Toys ,Massagers, Handy-Fans, Cordless-Tools, Birds & Animal Feeders, Handy Vacuum Cleaners, shavers.)

DC Geared Motors
(Hospital Beds, Power Tools, Diamond Lathes, Operating Valves, Vending Machines, Miniature Lathes, Medical Appliances like leg Stress Exerciser, Traction, etc.)

DC Heavy Duty Motors
(Currency Counting Machines, Vending Machines, Air Compressors, Textile Fabrics Twister, Medical Nebulizer, etc.)

DC Vibration Motors
(Vibrating conveyors, Personal Massagers, Feeders, Hoppers. etc.)

DC Battery operated Motors
Battery Operated Motors are available in different voltage ranges, various characteristics & frame sizes.

Low voltage High current D. C. Motors working on Battery are generally used in Railways, Material handling equipments, Forklifts, Stackers, Pallets, Hydraulic powerpacks & Bus Air-conditioners.

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